Spam comments, or Kindly Don’t Seize My Feed

DSC_7775  typekeyLike many Bloggers, my site regularly gets spam comments. Sadly, I get more spam comments than actual humans commenting. I know this because although WordPress has an excellent spam-catching system, I’ve elected to read the spam comments received before the system trashes them, on the just in case theory….just in case there’s a real comment nestled in the long line of “Lista de email” rubbish the spam mostly comes from.

However, as I’ve been reading the spam rubbish, I’ve found some of them to be absurdly hilarious. My theory is that they are written by drunk monkeys on typewriters; monkeys who not only don’t speak or write English very well, but who also occasionally thump the keys with their fists, after one too many Gin and Tonics, with the resulting mess of letters being posted to my site and no doubt thousands of others.

Following are a few gems (in italics) sent to me, and my comments back to the spammers. (Don’t worry, I didn’t click on anything the spammers sent; I’m only replying here, without any of the nasty links they send).

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