Wellington’s Magic Garden

DSC_8210Wellington Summer City 2013/ASB Gardens Magic

DSC_8092It really was magic in the gardens. The gardens being Wellington’s Botanic Garden, the magic being music and lighting installations, part of Wellington City Council’s Summer City programme. The concerts in the Gardens are always very pleasant affairs, to which you can bring a sandwich, a bottle of bubbly and/or a gourmet picnic; your call on that one. They’re free, the music’s lovely, the gardens are at their best and people are well behaved, so it’s just nice nice nice.



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Winning and Wining and Dining

For all those who are convinced that no-one ever wins those in-store “be in the draw to win” things, I’m here to tell you that people do, because I did. Win, that is. Although winning sort of implies some effort on my part, which was no more than the arduous task of filling out my name and number, but still…I like to think of it as winning, because it was my name that was pulled out of the hat. Whose hat, you may ask? What did you win? I’ll tell you.

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