Air guitar a bit tricky with iTunes

Here’s a sentence I didn’t think I’d hear myself say…”there’s nothing worse than playing an air guitar when someone turns off the power”.

And yet, it happened, in a manner of speaking. As many Apple aficionados surfing the community forums will know, Apple is presently having a weird little problem with iTunes, the Apple music shop and player. The problem is that some (only some) songs purchased and downloaded from the iTunes store will cut off before the end of the song – hence my air guitar moment. I should also ‘fess up and say that there was not only air guitar but also some rather loud singing as well, which came to an abrupt halt as my computer lurched to the next song in the playlist without getting to the end of the current one.

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Atheist republican goes to church to meet Queen

Publicity image from coronation

I’ve just been to St Paul’s Cathedral for a Coronation Concert for the Jubilee Year. Before my atheist republican friends rush around for an intervention, I should state that I went there for the music. That’s right, I love the sound of a good choir, regardless of what they’re singing about. This was not just a good choir, but the lovely and accomplished Choir of Wellington Cathedral of St Paul, performing their Coronation Concert for the Jubilee Year.

It was strange to be walking in to a cathedral, and I confess I did glance around to be sure no-one saw me. Some people sneak into bars, or casinos; I sneaked into a church.

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