I’ve recently published an iBook, called Weight loss – a work in progress, which can be found and, for the price of two cups of lo-fat coffee, or one super-sized doughnut, purchased from iTunes and read on your iPad.

What’s it about?

Here’s one reviewer’s comment:

Not your usual weight loss book! This semi-serious book explores the road from “tubby-ness” to “not quite so tubby-ness” in an honest and refreshing look at the struggle those of us with a few extra (unwanted) kilos travel. While the book takes a humerous and supportive look at the world of weight loss, it also reminds us of some genuinely worthwhile tips that, although commonsense, we often overlook. Cute illustrations too. Worth a read.

Also see the text from the book’s introduction, further down the page.

Wow that’s amazing, where can I rush to buy it?

It’s in the five iTunes bookstores below (New Zealand, Australia, USA, UK, and Canada):

New Zealand





Introduction from Weight loss – a work in progress

I drew the pictures in this book before I wrote any words. I’m not sure why – perhaps I was wanting to give myself some visual encouragement for the long, bumpy, lumpy journey that is Weight Loss – a work in progress. However I came to realise that the pictures didn’t tell the whole story by themselves, so I started filling in the gaps. I definitely didn’t want to write a diet book, or any sort of hectoring, nagging volume about how to change one’s life. So if that’s what you’re looking for, stop reading now.

Instead, I hope the reader will feel amused and encouraged, and will recognise themselves somewhere in the following pages. The idea is really to convey the notion that Tubbies are not alone. Right now, there are millions of Tubbies either puffing along on their treadmills, squeezing themselves into clothes they know don’t really fit, or sulking on a couch somewhere, vacantly watching television with a packet of junk food clutched in one Tubby hand.

The name “Tubby” is meant kindly and affectionately throughout – it’s so much nicer than some of the alternatives. A Tubby can be any sort of size and shape; from a tiny bit overweight to Really Rather Round, and every other sort of shape in between.

By the way, a word or two on the drawings…on your iPad, you’ll see the drawings as little images along the way in the portrait view, and you touch them to make them bigger. In landscape view you can use the pinch out gesture to make them larger, although I know the theme of this book is about trying not to make things bigger or larger. I feel I should also mention that if the drawings on the “Healthy is” side of the page look too thin, that’s down to my drawing ability or lack of same; I’m not saying we should all look like stick figures.

I should describe my own state of rotundity here…a bit difficult, as it depends on whether we’re talking about my rotundity today, yesterday, last week, last year, ten years ago, tomorrow or next July. You may gather from this that it varies somewhat…therefore I am definitely a fellow traveller on the road of weight loss; isn’t it tedious that the road is so damn bumpy?! Someone really should fix those potholes. The words “high blood pressure” have also been uttered in my direction, from a doctor looking sternly over the top of their glasses at me. At the time of writing, my largesse is uncomfortably large, however I hope that by the time we meet, I’ll be a bit more streamlined.

The whole “obesity epidemic” thing we hear about ad nauseum makes being overweight so very grim that it’s no wonder people give up trying. My view is that while one is losing one’s excess poundage, one can still have fun along the way. Balance, moderation and the occasional trip to the dark side of naughty food won’t kill you, as long as you find your way back to the light. And what might “the light” be? Not “Lite”, by the way. (See chapter on the evils of food marketing). The Light is simply getting back to your slightly more healthy habits, and realising that you are the mistress or master of your domain.

I’m sure that nearly every Tubby knows what they ought to be eating and how much exercise they ought to be doing, but is tired of hearing about it all the time. Those well-meaning friends who ask you how your exercise routine is going, when it’s patently clear that you haven’t so much as put on your training shoes for a month. Those people at work who righteously bring salads from home, or only eat tuna on crackers for lunch, then stare pointedly at your bag of hamburgers and chips propped up between your computer and your keyboard. (It does however give your Tubby a perverse pleasure to know that the smell of their hot chips is wafting over the entire office, driving those eating fruit salads to fist-clenching, teeth-grinding desperation).

So, on with the journey, and may we all discover some joys along the way.

To read more….

New Zealand






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