Wellington’s Magic Garden

DSC_8210Wellington Summer City 2013/ASB Gardens Magic

DSC_8092It really was magic in the gardens. The gardens being Wellington’s Botanic Garden, the magic being music and lighting installations, part of Wellington City Council’s Summer City programme. The concerts in the Gardens are always very pleasant affairs, to which you can bring a sandwich, a bottle of bubbly and/or a gourmet picnic; your call on that one. They’re free, the music’s lovely, the gardens are at their best and people are well behaved, so it’s just nice nice nice.



DSC_8111The lighting in the grounds was gorgeous, and included an installation called “Floating Globes” by Nicola Haines Ramsay and MJF Lighting, in the duckpond. The ducks didn’t mind, and the punters loved it, so all good. The moon also put in an appearance, just to add that wee bit more magic. Personal favourite of mine – the big tree with its branches making a grotto you could walk into, and mirror balls hanging inside it.


By the time you read this, the Gardens Magic will be all over, so I won’t bang on about what you missed, I’ll just show you some photos, so you can put it in your diary for next summer in Wellington. (Yes, we do have summers, you sneerers from other climes).


DSC_7980 DSC_7983





DSC_8194 DSC_8208





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