Tulip Sunday and Tulip mania

I’ve just been to Tulip Sunday, at the Wellington  Botanic Garden, in New Zealand. You will of course have spotted the Dutch connection between Zealand and Zeeland, and won’t be at all surprised to read that it was all very Dutch in the garden today…the Dutch Ambassador, children doing traditional dances, and stalls with Dutch goodies. Lots of people attended – it’s a very Wellington thing to get into events like this and Wellingtonians are generally guaranteed to be a good audience for whatever might be going on around town.

The Dutch Ambassador did point out that tulips weren’t originally Dutch, and that they are now grown very successfully in the South Island of New Zealand, but hey – we’ll give them their day anyway. The kids doing some traditional dances were sweet, although some were so tiny that they fell off their clogs a few times and had to be carried from the stage.

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Wonderful Wellington Lux

Last night I went to the fascinating Wellington Lux lighting event on the Wellington Waterfront. (Runs from 6pm to 11pm, 1 to 9 September)

This  “teaser” event consists of four lighting installations, using new and interactive technology. The idea is to sample it this year, and grow it into the future…bring it on, please!

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Air guitar a bit tricky with iTunes

Here’s a sentence I didn’t think I’d hear myself say…”there’s nothing worse than playing an air guitar when someone turns off the power”.

And yet, it happened, in a manner of speaking. As many Apple aficionados surfing the community forums will know, Apple is presently having a weird little problem with iTunes, the Apple music shop and player. The problem is that some (only some) songs purchased and downloaded from the iTunes store will cut off before the end of the song – hence my air guitar moment. I should also ‘fess up and say that there was not only air guitar but also some rather loud singing as well, which came to an abrupt halt as my computer lurched to the next song in the playlist without getting to the end of the current one.

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Atheist republican goes to church to meet Queen

Publicity image from coronation

I’ve just been to St Paul’s Cathedral for a Coronation Concert for the Jubilee Year. Before my atheist republican friends rush around for an intervention, I should state that I went there for the music. That’s right, I love the sound of a good choir, regardless of what they’re singing about. This was not just a good choir, but the lovely and accomplished Choir of Wellington Cathedral of St Paul, performing their Coronation Concert for the Jubilee Year.

It was strange to be walking in to a cathedral, and I confess I did glance around to be sure no-one saw me. Some people sneak into bars, or casinos; I sneaked into a church.

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When Retro was new

I was at a Retro Market recently, where I saw a Glomesh purse. I stopped in my tracks and gazed at it for a while – I had had one when they were last made, back in the (gulp) eighties. It immediately took me back in time to spinning about, completely carefree, with a sparkly bag at – wait for it – the disco. After a quick trip down memory lane, I came back to reality, still standing in the market, in front of something from my lifetime which is now labelled retro.

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Your password has been hacked

You may have read about the LinkedIn security breach, where thousands of passwords were hacked and published. When I got an email from LinkedIn, telling me that my password was on the list of passwords that had been hacked, I felt kind of special. “Ooh…someone thinks I’m important enough to hack!” My first hack attack (that I know about).

Naturally, I changed my password straight away, to something MUCH trickier, in fact so tricky that I now have no hope of remembering it unless I write it down somewhere. Sigh. I shall add it to the list of passwords I can’t possibly remember. I counted my password list…155!! That’s right, 155 of the damn things. So many passwords, so little time.

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OK, I admit – I clicked on it…

…so you don’t have to. What was it? Not internet porn, not online gambling…it was those damned annoying flashing ads that pop up everywhere with “Mother discovers $4 tip to reduce wrinkles – Doctors HATE her”.

I knew it was going to be a load of old tosh, and of course it was, but I was interested to see how they might try to convince me it wasn’t. They made a reasonably good go of it, at least in terms of the look of the website you get taken to.

One click and you’re whisked to a site that at first glance, or possibly second or third glance to the uninitiated, might look like a genuine news site. It has a fake news bar at the top of the page with headings like World News, Business, Politics etc, but if you click on them nothing happens. Of course, it could be a really slow news day, but…

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