Accidental achievements or random bathroom goal shooting

One day recently, while I was having my morning shower, I squeezed the last bit of soap out of my soap tube. I thought that I would just toss the empty tube over the top of the shower’s clear glass wall, and pick it up when I got out of the shower and put it in the bin.

However, when I tossed it over the top, the tube bounced itself straight into the bin, like some sort of impossible goal from the Harlem Globetrotters. You have no idea how pleased I was about this – I immediately did the air fist pump, accompanied by cries of SHOT! All RIGHT! HaChaCha! All this while still naked in the shower, under hot running water, minus a soap tube.

I was amused and astounded at how amazingly good this simple act of random bathroom goal shooting made me feel. I really felt I had achieved something, when in fact it was entirely and utterly nothing but a fluke, of the best kind. Even thinking about it now, I feel a certain pride of achievement, and a fond memory.  It’s not as if I don’t have any other achievements – far from it. There are daily wins in my work, photos I’m pleased with, problems I’ve solved, but the joy of the bathroom goal is because it’s not something I think I could ever intentionally do.

For a brief, fleeting, happy moment, I was a sporting champion on top of the world. The problem now is that I know I’ll try to recreate it, setting myself up for weeks of disappointment as I toss a steady stream of things over the top of the shower in the vain hope of having them bounce into the bin again. (Or the handbasin, I’m not fussy).

I should learn that one can never recreate past glories, and like a true sporting champion, I should retire at my peak, leaving future bathroom goals to the young up-and-comers. (In their own bathrooms, not mine, I hasten to point out).

I recall one other accidental achievement, from years ago, which I still remember clearly. I was in junior high school, and for some reason that escapes me, had been put on a cricket team. I was miles away in the outfield, or out of the infield, or whatever they call it in cricket – the net result being that I was so far away from what is laughingly called the action, that I couldn’t see what was going on. Naturally enough, I became utterly bored, and started picking daisies in the field, and wondering what would be for dinner. I looked up when I heard people shouting, and realised the other players were all looking in my direction.

I had no idea why, but they were being fairly urgent about it, and I put my hand out and…the ball fell right into my hand! Without having the slightest idea what I was supposed to do, or what had happened, I had “caught out” the opposition player, and I basked in the glory of this accidental achievement for weeks afterwards. Even now, it brings a smile to my face.

So the moral of this story is…accidental achievements occur when you least expect them, and when they do, savour the moment, do a happy dance and act like the champion you know you are – it will make you feel good for days!


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