Someone is now following your Blog/Patchwork Quilt

‘Someone is now following your Blog”. These six little words appeared on my email not so long ago, and I can’t tell you the joyous, childlike thrill it gave me! Being somewhat new to the world of personal expression being out there for the entire planet (and possibly any alien life passing by) to read, I was absurdly pleased to know someone actually wanted to stay in touch with my irregularly posted blogs.

There’s an air of mystery in the use of the word “Someone” in the email sent to me…who could it be? A gift package I can never actually open, because I don’t think the Blog site allows me to know who the followers actually are. Most likely they are  friends I have sent links to, but they could be a complete stranger who happened across my blogs, it could be a cyber-stalker..who knows. Welcome, whoever you are, and feel free to comment.

And now for the segue into Patchwork Rug…if we think of the knitted squares as blogs, do you see a theme emerging? All those knitted squares, all different, but when stitched together making a cohesive whole. That’s what I’m telling myself, anyway.

 I began knitting squares about three years ago, after visiting with an Aunt who effortlessly makes quilts, jumpers, clothes – you name it, she can make it. Being somewhat handcraft-challenged myself, she taught me to knit squares on the grounds that you can’t go too far wrong knitting in a straight line. (As it turns out, you can, but that’s another story).  I tried out different patterns, colours and so on. As you can tell if you look closely, they are not all exactly the same size, although this is what I was aiming for. The size differences are something to do with different patterns, losing count of stitches and rows, and general distraction while trying to watch television at the same time. As I am not the least bit adept at knitting without looking, a large amount of swearing has also occurred over the three years it took me to finally finish it.

I feel I must point out that I have not been knitting in every spare moment for the last three years – it took that long because I’d forget about it for months at a time, then trip over the knitting bag and take it up again for a while. There was also a point where I achieved critical mass, and got past the point of being able to let it go. For those who need more info, here’s the Wikipedia definition of Critical Mass:

Critical mass is a sociodynamic term to describe the existence of a sufficient amount of adopters of an innovation in a social system such that the rate of adoption becomes self-sustaining and creates further growth.

Or the compulsion to knit more squares. It was not exactly a planned out operation, and when I finally got to the last one, I then had to figure out how to make 35 squares into a quilt. My highly talented Aunt was by this time up to her elbows in home renovation, and it didn’t seem quite fair to plonk a novice quilt maker on her. So I made it up as I went along.

It seemed sensible to attach the squares to a backing, so out to buy a white blanket for the backing. Too big, had to cut it to size. Quick, backing blanket has fraying edges – sew them up. Phew, made it before it shredded to nothingness. OK, stay calm. Idea – tack squares on with same yellow thread as knitted trim. Great idea – I can just tack it, then put ribbon over the uneven edges. Brilliant. Tacked it all together, then realised that while the wide-ways edges of the squares might be sort of even, the long-ways ones definitely weren’t, some squares were taller than others. Damn and damn. OK, thinking quickly here – use the expensive velvet ribbon, bought to cover up the wobbly bits, along the edges that are sort of straight-ish. Bugger – now there are the other bits that are totally uneven and even expensive velvet ribbon won’t hide this multitude of knitting sins. OK – now I’ve got it. Call the style of my knitted quilt Organic and Anarchic, and we’re done.

Actually not quite done, as there are a couple of balls of yellow wool left, that really ought to be turned into squares…if I’m still blogging in three years time, expect another photo of an Organic Anarchic quilt.


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